The Riso Book: San Francisco

Anthony Discenza

Vincent Fecteau

Mitzi Pederson

Will Rogan

May Wilson

Colpa, in collaboration with Publication Studio Oakland and Kadist presents The Riso Book: San Francisco, the third installment in The Riso Book series. This series standardizes the conditions of production underlying artist publications and presents the book as exhibition. 

The 5 selected artists worked over the course of six days at Kadist, using the Risograph as a tool. Each artist was given 20 pages within the 8.5 x 11 inch book and provided with assistance from an on-site tech and publisher. All 100 pages were bound into a single publication in an edition of 100, presented at Kadist on Saturday, June 14th 2014.

The Riso Book series is inspired by Seth Siegelaub and Jack Wendler's 1968 publication The Xerox Book. This project is made possible due to the help and support of Kadist and Ian Dolton-Thronton (Publication Studio, Oakland).