Colpa Books & Video (our bookstore) is closed but we are working on building out the USED section of our site. Stay tuned for a massive update. CB&V was a retail space that bought and sold used art books, videos and ephemera. It was also an exhibition space. We are proud to have served San Francisco, and more specifically Chinatown, for the 2 years we were open.

Colpa will continue to sell used books in addition to the books we publish at book fairs, pop-up shops and flea markets, as well as to private buyers. Please email or call (415) 425-4723 to schedule an appointment.


New Work by Breanne Trammell + Mary Banas 
Thursday, November 29, 2018
6pm – 8pm

While we’re trying to let go, we’re also trying to hang on.

Life is a Highway is an evolving suite of printed ephemera: physical evidence for the thoughts and conversations we are and aren’t having in America. This work appropriates vernacular graphic forms to prompt discussion and reflection and bears witness to the unrest and anxiety of modern life in America. It speaks to the idea of “freedom” and the metaphorical open road—that we must keep rolling, moving, and progressing, as individuals, as a community, and as a country. Life is a Highway.

David King
The Journey
May 11 - June 10, 2018
Closing reception Sunday, June 10 4-6 pm

The Story So Far:
A certain number of sculptures are in search of a direction. A destination even. A solitary figure goes by Land and Sea but the truck crashes and the boat catches on fire. Certain robot helpers take time out to relax. The Haven turns out to be more sinister than nurturing. The Book of Life is not much help.
Now read on.

David King is an Artist who lives in San Francisco. His favorite color is Yellow.
He likes comic books and once designed the Crass Symbol. Whatever that is.

Tauba Auerbach
David Bayus
Ivan Iannoli
Alyssa Lempesis
Nasty Nasty
Tom Richardson
May 20, 2018

CIVIC TV VOL.4 is the continuation of a video art series that is an open platform for artists to experiment with the moving image in a linear program released directly to VHS. Edited here in San Francisco at Colpa Press and designed by Marianne PoinsotCIVIC TV will also be presented next month at Acid-Free in Los Angeles. 

While volumes of CIVIC TV have been featured in exhibitions, including Sprint Milano and The NY Art Book Fair, and aired online on 8 Ball TV, the culmination of this program will be a 24hr marathon on local public television.