Risograph prints are made in-house on a RISO Printer-Duplicator GR 3750 in a variety of colors, including: black, blue, red, green, purple, florescent pink, teal, orange, brown and yellow. 

Other colors can be made by overprinting.

Please contact Luca for more info on creating process colors and opacity settings. 

About the process: 

The original is scanned through the machine and a master is created, by means of tiny heat spots on a thermal plate burning voids (corresponding to image areas) in a master sheet. This master is then wrapped around a drum and ink is forced through the voids in the master. Because the Risograph uses real ink rather than toner, each image has a hand-made quality and must be printed on matte paper with a "tooth" so that it can absorb the ink as the pages stack on each other. 

Pre-press information:

The RISO can print up to 11 x 17 inches with a minimum of 1/4 inch margin. Trimming is available for full bleed images or atypical sizes. Please prepare your files as black and white PDFs for each color layer. Eg. For a 2 color Riso print you should send, drawing1_pink.pdf and drawing1_blue.pdf. Pricing depends on number of colors and size of the run. 

For inquiries or for a custom quote, please contact Luca at (415) 425-4723 or email