The End - Andy Vogt

Andy Vogt

The End 

9 x 10 inches

Full color Digital Press with a 3 color silkscreen cover

Section-sewn and Perfect Bound


Ed. of 50

Stamped and numbered by the artist, 2017

A note from Andy:
‘The End' skims the surface of a 13 year period between 1994 and 2007, during which I shot several thousand street photos with slide film.  From Pittsburgh, PA, my adopted home during the 1990’s to San Francisco, CA, my new home since 2000, I obsessively carried my Canon A1 loaded with slide film, and no expectations.  Collected in this book are 80 of those images recently selected from my carousels that were still loaded with slides from years 5 ago when I last showed them. 'The End' contains scenes of animals, objects from the flea market, landscapes and people captured mid-decline or on the brink... or perhaps it just looks that way.

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