See To Day - Chiraag Bhakta

50 pages

11 by 17 inches

4-color Risograph

Perfect-bound & perforated

First edition of 100

See To Day is a collection of film posters commissioned by some theaters in Bangalore,  India and produced there locally. They were created and produced by Ramachandraiah and Raju in a space less than 250 square feet, using a lithograph press. They apply their own aesthetic onto the film’s branding and crudely print them on newsprint. The posters are then illegally pasted across walls around the city to advertise the film.  

The title See To Day comes from the information accompanying the main graphic on the posters: “Daily 4 Shows”, “English Colour”, “Digital Surround Sound” (DTS), “A/C”, together with “See To Day”. The posters also direct the audience to the location and times of the screenings.  
In addition to the posters Chiraag Bhakta accumulated on several trips to Bangalore, a stack was also given to him by his friend Shai. Chiraag has used a large piece of his collection in his ongoing series White Washed, which explores various levels of a  dominant influence and control within the layering of history and how the narrative is told. The series uses these posters as a base while screen printing and collaging over them.  
These 50 posters, that are part of the book, were chosen from his collection of several hundred. Together with Colpa Press, Chiraag curated a selection that consists of mostly American, Horror, East Asian and Western-inspired films.

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