Dutch Fist - PMFITMOYA

Dutch Fist
Pushing My Face In The Memory of You Again
60min Cassette Tape with Embroidered Patch and Digital Download

Side A:
1) Successful Shot
2) Pentagram of Horse Heads
3) Blunt Bangs
4) Lost Palm
5) I Can Articulate
6) Las i Zdrowie
7) Donnerschlag

Side B:
1) My Hearing Becomes Enraged
2) Musik Bruch
3) Heute Abend
4) Hold Still
5) Megaherzspiele
6) Musikschnit
7) If You've Got Something To Hide Then It Must Be Bad

8) Refugees Welcome

All songs by Maciej Makałowski

Recorded and Mixed in:
Berlin, Germany
Poznań, Poland
and San Francisco, USA

Mastered in San Francisco, USA 2015

Colpa Press 2016