Down To Earth, Adobe Architecture : an old idea, a new future

"For many, the phrase 'earth architecture' conjures up images of primitive discomfort and poverty, but in fact - as Jean Dethier demonstrates in this persuasive book - the opposite is true. For almost 10,000 years man has built in unbaked earth, not only simple dwellings but also palaces, temples and fortresses of the utmost grandeur (...) In the wake of growing disillusion with the 'International Style', questions are being asked concerning the cost and availability of modern materials in a world starved of energy."

Based on an exhibition at the Centre Georges Pompidou, conceived and directed by Jean Dethier.

First published in France in 1981 as Des Architectures de Terre by the Centre Georges Pompidou, paris.

Published in the USA in 1983 by Facts on File Inc, New York.

Printed and bound in Spain.


8 by 10 inches

Perfect bound with sewn signatures

Sold out.