We have a new program here at Colpa that we are calling our Artist in Residence. This residency will involve several artists, both local and international, for whom we will design, print, and distribute a limited edition publication. This is not a live in residency. 

Contact us at hello@colpapress.com if you are interested in submitting a proposal.

Third round of AIR:  NICOLAS G MILLER - Marfa, Texas

Warm Water Event

Anti-static bag, 36 x 48" laser print, warm water,

handmade soap with red clay, black tea and pine scent

Limited Edition of 60

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Second round of AIR: JEREMY MECKLER + MATT LEVINE - Minneapolis, Minnesota

For our second Artist in Residency, Jeremy Meckler and Matt Levine decided to publish their year-long project at the Walker Art Center, Still Dots. Still Dots is a detailed analysis of Carol Reed's The Third Man. This 387 page, 3-color book was designed by Andy Hawgood of The Popular Workshop, edited by Sarah Hotchkiss and printed on Colpa's very own Risograph GR 3770. It is an edition of 50, 8.5 by 11, coil bound books. Colpa would like to thank our wonderful interns Jessica Flemming, Milo Conroy, and Teresa Yang for putting in the extra effort in this massive endeavor. 

To order a copy, click here.

First round of AIR: DANIEL R SMALL - Los Angeles, California

We are pleased to present our first residency project, Expert Witness by Daniel R Small. The project will be presented in its entirety at Michael Strogoff in Marfa, TX from June 7th to the 29th. The exhibition, curated by Luca Antonucci, will feature the release of a limited edition publication of the same name, published by Colpa, with a foreword by Christina Linden. 

Expert Witness, Full Color Offset Booklet, 48 pages, ed of 50  $30
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Expert Witness 1-7 Limited Edition Box, Booklet, Uranium glassware $250
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Expert Witness negotiates new terms for the ballistics testing of an Adam's rib uranium vase and begins by tracing its production history as decorative glass to the more well known utilization of uranium in the military. The project then proceeds by drawing from the expert witnesses' protocols, exploiting what seem to be systemic loopholes, and repeating the logic of the expert witness that ultimately leads to a reversal of roles between bystander and witness. Through infiltrating this system of perceptual authority the project rapidly unpacks a complex web of seemingly improbable relationships, intertwined narratives and a body of evidence that doubles and serves to perpetuate a new set of historiographic narratives. 

Expert Witness
by Daniel R Small
June 7th - June 29th
Opening Reception: June 7th, 6-8pm

Michael Strogoff
124 E. El Paso St.
Marfa, TX


This residency is possible to due to the generous support of :