HAPPY - David King

David King


78 pages

9 by 12 in.

Digital Press

Perfect Bound

First edition of 50, made on the occasion of his exhibition of the same name at Park Life


A bit of context. One of my favorite things about meeting with Dave is that he would have at least 10 projects fully formed and mostly finished. He could hardly get through explaining one without jumping to the next, his excitement scattering around the screen with a frantic cursor. One of these projects was based on his collection of small objects, dubbed M.O.S.T. or Museum of Small Things. Often too expansive or intimidating for us, we would skip over it and promise to come back to it at a later date. In this book, Dave compiled some of these tiny treasures with the help of his assistant Jeremy Gray. What I love most about Dave is represented in this book. His ability to find a needle in a haystack, to see the beauty in everyday life, and to care about every object that caught his eye, large or small. Our final book with Dave, Happy is dedicated to Dione as I’m sure Dave would have wanted it to be.

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