Dios Mio - Isaac Vazquez Avila

Isaac Vazquez Avila

Dios Mio


7 x 10 in.

Digital Press on construction paper with lavender Colorplan cover


First edition of 100

Co-published with pt.2 gallery for Avila's Dear Dolores exhibition


This project was inspired by the book Los Dos Amigos by Abraham Cruzvillegas and Dr.Lakra. Part reference and part studio work, Los Dos Amigos gives viewers a glimpse into the visual registry that runs parallel to Cruzvillegas and Dr.Lakra’s practice.

The images in Dios Mio are an attempt to do the same. They are a small compilation of raw materials I’ve collected over the years mixed together with professionally taken photographs of studio work. The images are points of reference, wonder, study, inspiration and question. They come from sources such as: magazines, walks, found photos, posters, packaging, zines, fliers, and advertising ephemera that I look at often and populate the surroundings of my studio. This microcosm of imagery is often overlooked, and their sources are often unknown. The found images play an important role in my practice because they help generate ideas and form relationships that further inform the subject matter in my work. -Isaac Vazquez Avila

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