Lindsay Tully, Game On Opening Reception: November 18th 6PM - 8PM...

Lindsay Tully, Game On

Opening Reception: November 18th 6PM - 8PM

The Little Shamrock, 807 Lincoln Way, San Francisco CA 94122

Superstition and swag decorate the bar. Multiple TV screens and red lights illuminate the room. Anxious faces stare collectively upwards. Fans orchestrate rituals and gestures - chanting, clapping, fist pumping, high-fiving. 

Game On investigates the social dynamic of the Sports Bar. As spectator sports create solidarity, promote civic pride, and invoke emotion, the ritual of watching the game at the bar becomes key in this social connection. Fans congregate in bars for the purpose of drawing on the collective effervescence and emotional energy of the game.  

Addressing the exhibition space at The Little Shamrock as a trophy case, Tully displays sculptures signifying the camaraderie and ritual emotion of spectatorship. Tully’s sculptures interpret these game time viewing parties into form and expression signaling victory and defeat. 

Written by David Kasprzak — November 10, 2014

Daniel Bouthot, La Machine Célibataire No. 2 Opening Reception:...

Daniel Bouthot, La Machine Célibataire No. 2

Opening Reception: October 6th 6PM - 10PM

The Little Shamrock, 807 Lincoln Way, San Francisco CA 94122

A project curated by Marion Cousin

Services Industries is excited to present La Machine Célibataire No.2, a project by San Francisco-based artist Daniel Bouthot, installed at the first Service Industries Gallery: the Little Shamrock. La Machine Célibataire No. 2 is a sculpture that makes money. Composed of various small electronic parts displayed within a curio cabinet, the entire installation functions as a computer designed and built to produce the digital currency bitcoin. While on one level La Machine demystifies an obscure if not cult technological process, it also aims to question mysticism and value in general through making precious the apparatus by which a precious virtual commodity is created. All bitcoin earned during the exhibition of this piece within the Little Shamrock will be given to the bar’s service staff as shared tip income.

About the artist:

Daniel Bouthot is a visual artist who works in a wide range of media from sculpture and performance to videos, drawings, and prints. Recent projects explore a fascination with digital technologies and the larger historical contexts that frame their everyday use. Crafty and minimalist in aesthetic with a dry wit that aspires towards the poetic, these works attempt to ascribe an absurd quality to contemporary existence. His work has been shown locally and nationally at venues including NYCAMS Gallery in New York, The Soap Factory in Minneapolis, SOMARTS in San Francisco and internationally at Fieldgate Gallery in London and the Palazzo dei Consoli in Gubbio, Italy. He has a BFA in printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA from California College of the Arts. He currently lives and works in San Francisco.

Written by David Kasprzak — October 01, 2014


Written by David Kasprzak — July 17, 2014