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Black Sheep Postal Service

This nice gentleman named Justin stopped by the stand the other day and gave me one of his cards. He just started a company called Black Sheep Postal Service, where if you let him, he will send cards to your family members whenever you say – like, for example, on your parents birthday, your sisters wedding, your best friends graduation, etc. You just need to let him know the date, and he’ll take care of the rest.  I am totally into this project, thinking about it kinda makes my head spin, a little. In some ways it is totally supporting the forgetting that people are real people/disguising the fact that indeed we did forget our mother’s birthday, and that our own father would not know our handwriting, etc. But, I think that the age we are in, I am going to call it the info overload age, forgetting is natural, we just need to remember how to look facts up, search for directions. Denying the fact that we are turning over to a new way to interact with people is silly.
Save the post office, and tell your grandparents you love them, not in the way you are used to by posting about them on your facebook – but in terms they will understand – a hand-made, hand-cut, hand-screened, hand-written note delivered to their mailbox, on their special day.  For more info about this project, or about Justin, check out:
Black Sheep Postal Service