Prints by local artist, Jesse Boardman Kauppila, now available at Edicola. $20
This is how it works:

"The Bitmap Machine" is a printmaking technique based on letterpress technology. A grid (chase) of square lead blocks (em quads)  is  lowered upon a corresponding grid of holes. These holes are  randomly  filled with ball bearings by shaking the entire apparatus. The square lead blocks are pushed upward when lowered upon the ball bearings in the  holes. These raised lead blocks can be used to create a relief print. Lead blocks not pushed up do not receive ink and therefore do not print."


Written by colpapress — April 12, 2012



bitmap machine, nice! colpa press has interesting work for sure…glad to have made your acquaintance through edicola…been away a few days, haven’t seen either luca or carissa on market…

April 13 2012 at 03:04 PM

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